“Experience is what you get when you don’t get what you want.”

Andrew Mangold, Cyberlog Inc.


“When I interview a prospective employee, there is one answer that ends the process for me. When I ask ‘Why did you leave that job?’ And he answers ‘They just didn’t appreciate me.’”

Don Douglas, Liquid Networx


“TAB is a place where I can sit with 8 other owners and I can tell each of the others how much easier his business is to run that mine.”

M. Chapman Stout, Medlar’s Jewelers


“I look around the table at the top-flight management team that I’ve assembled and think; “If I didn’t own this company, these people would never make me the CEO.”

Nancy Kudla, dNovus RDI


(On being invited to a charity event) “How much will it cost me to get in?” (Answer- “Nothing.”) “OK, How much will it cost me to get out?”

John Wright, Padgett Stratemann and Co.


“You should never fire a salesman. If you have constructed the incentives correctly, he will either succeed or fire himself.”

Kirk Francis, Cross Financial Services


“I gave all my employees a month to write a statement describing why they worked in my company. Within that month three had resigned. They were the three I would have expected.”

Steven Goltzman, Carpet Management


“When a manager approaches me with a question, I say: “I can answer that, but it might make me unclear on why I am paying you.’ They usually choose to figure it out themselves.”

Steve Huser, TJ Moore Lumber


“If you aren’t adding to our margin, then you are adding to our cost.”

Dennis Stahl, Lone Star Pet Supply


“I’ll know how to get even. I’ll sell my company to the employees, and then go work for them!”



“Why is it that the employees who complain the most about new tracking or reporting systems are always the ones who wind up running afoul of them?”

Harry Levy IV, The Levy Company


“When I interview a new employee, I try to remember that the day I became a business owner I wasn’t also gifted with infallible character judgment.”

Glen Currey, President, Mission Medical Supply


“My preferred management style is to sit quietly in my office and think about what I want my company to accomplish, then have the employees read my mind.”



“Small business owners seek out the cheapest accountant they can find, who in turn gladly agrees to under serve them.”

George Dawson, Owner, Growing Your Business


“ Never attribute to malevolence what can be explained by mere incompetence.”



In the interview he soared like an eagle. Then from his first day he strutted like a turkey.